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Fox Valley Glass Aggregate Plant News

Cogen Plant Derives Multiple Uses for Paper Mill Sludge
1999 Power Plant Article

Minergy Full Steam Ahead
05/01/99 The Post-Crescent

Sludge To Be Turned Into Power
04/30/99 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Minergy’s Fox Valley Glass Aggregate Plant solves environmental problems
04/13/98 Wisconsin Energy Newsletter

Minergy Dividends Outweigh PCB Park Land
07/18/97 Neenah Citizen

Minergy Corporation Process Solves Waste Woes For Fox Valley Industries

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Glass Furnace Technology

Converting the dreaded PCBs into useful commodities
May 2006 Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine

Making MGP Wastes Beneficial
June 2006 Pollution Engineering Magazine

Burning PCB Spoils Still an Option
9/24/04 The Post-Crescent

Fox Valley County Boards & Executives
7/30/04 The Wheeler Report

New PCB Landfill Good; Studying Vitrification Better
5/21/04 The Post-Crescent

Committee Hears Testimony on PCB Legislation
3/2/04 The Post-Crescent

Board Opposes PCBs in Landfills
01/13/04 The Northwestern

County Leaders Renew Push for Burning PCB Sediments
9/23/04 The Post-Crescent

Calumet County Voices Opposition to PCB Waste
7/22/04 The Post-Crescent

Doyle Urges Study of Melting PCBs
5/12/04 The Post-Crescent

Owens Introduces Bill to Keep PCBs Out of Landfills
2/29/04 The Post-Crescent

Panel Wants PCBs Cooked, Not Buried
12/02/03 The Post-Crescent

Fox River PCBs
11/24/03 Wisconsin Public Radio

Letters: PCBs Shouldn’t Be Dumped in Landfills
11/02/03 The Post-Crescent

Vinland Residents Fight PCB Burial
10/27/03 The Post-Crescent

Board Supports PCB Plan
10/22/03 The Northwestern

Vinland Fights PCBs
10/17/03 FOX 11 WLUK-TV

Paper Companies to Cleanup PCBs
10/01/03 The Post-Crescent

From Riverbed to Roadbed
09/12/03 ABC WBAY-TV

From PCBs to Pavement
09/12/03 Oshkosh Northwestern

Minergy Technology Still a Possibility
07/29/03 The Post-Crescent

Valley Site Targeted for PCB Landfill
05/15/03 The Post-Crescent

Tons of Toxins, Tons of Money
02/22/03 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Editorial: PCB Disposal Decision too Important to Rush
12/03/03 The Northwestern

Residents File Petition Over PCBs
12/02/03 The Northwestern

Town of Neenah in PCB Battle
11/02/03 The Post-Crescent

PCB Burial Attacked
10/30/03 The Post-Crescent

County Sides with Vinland in PCB Fight
10/22/03 The Post-Crescent

Board Weighs Disposal of PCBs
10/20/03 The Northwestern

Vinland Residents Fight PCB Burial
10/17/03 The Post-Crescent

Minergy Pushes Plan to Melt PCB Sediment
10/01/03 The Post-Crescent

New Paving Material Puts PCBs, River Sediment to Use on Road
09/12/03 The Post-Crescent

Final Disposal of PCB Sludge a New Problem
08/03/03 The Post-Crescent

Sierra Club Welcomes Fox River Cleanup Decision
07/28/03 Sierra Club News Release

PCB Furnace Shows Promise