Neenah, a small city in northeastern Wisconsin, has been home to Minergy’s Neenah Glass Aggregate Plant since January 1998. The plant operates quietly and efficiently along the Fox River adjacent to the downtown business district. Annually, we recycle 350,000 tons of paper sludge into Glass Aggregate, which is used as a construction material. We are pleased to present the following feedback and references.

For many years, Steve Spanbauer owned and operated a service station on Main Street across the street from our Neenah plant. Although Mr. Spanbauer had some initial reservations about the plant, after more than a year as a neighbor, he supports the work Minergy is doing in Neenah. We at Minergy are very sensitive to our neighbors’ concerns. Our technologies are clean, environmentally friendly and offer many benefits to our neighborhoods.

When I first heard about the plant, I was concerned about noise and odors in the neighborhood. I was delighted to find that Minergy has never produced any odors, and there isn’t any noise, either.”
— Steve Spanbauer, neighbor

People deserve to know what’s going on in their community. We understand that people sometimes are concerned about new developments, so we’re always happy to talk about our projects and answer any questions that arise. The City of Neenah considered very carefully our proposal to build the Glass Aggregate plant near downtown, and overwhelmingly approved our plant.

“Throughout the public process, Minergy officials demonstrated a willingness to address issues and concerns of all interested parties. Through their efforts, the project garnered a strong consensus of support and approval from the Plan Commission and City Council. In my view, Minergy’s attention to communication and responsiveness could serve as a most effective model for other high visibility projects to follow in the future.”
— Bob Buckingham, Community Development Director

We’re proud to be an active member of Neenah’s business community. We strive to improve Neenah not only by providing an important environmental service, but also by getting involved in the community. Our employees are volunteers in school, church, athletic and other community organizations.

Minergy has improved the Neenah community not only through its business of recycling a major waste product of our city’s main industry, but by its involvement in civic organizations such as Future Neenah. We are pleased to count Minergy among our list of key supporters that work year in and year out to build a strong future for Neenah.”
— Stephen Morton, President, Future Neenah, Inc.

The historic Octagon House, the home of Neenah’s historical society, is one of our close neighbors. Some of the members initially were concerned about having a recycling plant so near, but they now recognize that we are a positive addition to the neighborhood. Our plant provides significant environmental benefits. Air emissions, truck traffic and odors all have been reduced. Each year the plant operates, we preserve 10 acres of greenspace that would otherwise become a landfill. And, we produce aggregate products by recycling instead of quarrying new material.

“It seems to be a very beneficial operation for the city.”
— Sally Hjersted, Neenah Historical Society

We agree with the old adage, “Waste not; want not.” At Minergy, we see the potential for recycling when others simply see waste materials. We look for ways we can re-use and recycle high-volume industrial materials so we can improve the environment and make a product in a way that is beneficial to the community and our customers.

“Our company has investigated beneficial uses of our sludge for many years, and we view the Minergy Project as an opportunity to finally accomplish that goal.”
— Bharat Shah, Environmental Manager, Wisconsin Tissue
(currently, Georgia Pacific – Menasha, WI)