Sandblasting Media

Amber Blast™ blasting abrasive

Amber Blast™ blasting abrasive - Click for large view

Amber Blast™ blasting abrasive offers several advantages when compared to other common abrasives — from both a performance and environmental/safety perspective.

With its sharp angular grains, Amber Blast™ produces superior cutting rates compared to rounded silica sand grains. Unlike Silica Sand, Amber Blast™ contains NO crystalline silica and has a 30% higher cutting rate due to sharp angular grains.

Amber Blast™ Advantages

  • Up to 30% cutting performance over silica sand
  • Safer than silica sand — no crystalline silica
  • Uniform, angular grains

Unlike coal slag, Amber Blast™ contains no coal byproducts and, therefore, is light in color and eliminates a black mess to clean up. Because it is very low in iron, Amber Blast™ does not cling to metals.
Amber Blast™ is available in three gradations.
All grades are treated with a dust suppressant.