Successful processed 50 different waste streams

Over the past 11 years, Minergy have successful processed 50 different waste streams including coal and municipal solid waste incineration fly ash, municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash, municipal biosolids, auto shredder residuals, manufactured gas plant remediation waste, biomass fuel waste, contaminated river sediment, paper mill sludge, chemical plant wastewater sludge and paint sludge.

Profile of a typical Minergy plant

Minergy plants typically have a capacity to process 100 – 2,000 tonnes of waste per day.  This could be satisfied by a single type of waste from multiple customers, or it could be provided by mixing 2 – 3 different waste streams which have some similarity in their composition, such as fly ash and auto shredder residuals.  The amount of energy produced by a Minergy plant is dependent on the energy potential of the feedstock supplied to the plant.  High energy feedstocks, such as paint sludge, can produce significant amounts of energy.  Low energy feedstocks, such as contaminated river sediment, produce almost no excess energy.  Glass aggregate production is dependent on the amount of inorganic materials contained in the feedstock.

Industries where there is demand for Minergy

Industries which are demanding Minergy today typically have the following profile:

  • Significant quantity of waste produced
  • Changing regulatory environment
  • Conventional disposal methods do not represent viable long term solutions

An example of an industry that has a profile consistent with the above is the municipal solid waste incineration(MSWI)  industry in Europe.  This industry is being confronted with a new challenges to process both fly ash and bottom ash in a more efficient and sustainable way. There are more than 3M tonnes of fly ash and 15M tonnes of bottom ash produced by MWSI companies in Europe each year. Costs to dispose of these waste streams are often increasing and regulations are getting tougher.  Minergy provides a unique solution to MSWI companies to cost effectively and efficiently process their fly ash and certain components of their bottom ash.

Other application areas where there is significant demand Minergy include:

  • Contaminated lake/harbour/river sediment
  • Auto shredder residuals
  • Mining and mining refining waste
  • Paper mill sludge
  • Fly ash from a range of industries