GlassPack®: The New Standard in Sludge Use

Sludge disposal has traditionally posed significant and difficult problems for wastewater treatment facilities. Minergy’s GlassPack® sludge melter solves those problems by converting sludge into a usable glass product using an environmentally sound method.

GlassPack video summary at North Shore Sanitary District:

The innovative technology of GlassPack® melts the mineral content in sludge into a glass aggregate that eliminates your need for disposal. Instead, you’ll produce a glass aggregate that can be sold for a myriad of construction uses. Run as either an open- or closed-loop system, the unique GlassPack® process is unmatched by other sludge disposal technologies. While the open system offers a flexible, compact and efficient melter in the traditional approach, the closed-loop system offers advances in efficiency and emissions control that until recently seemed impossible.

GlassPack® process animation



  • Reduces vent flow by 95% compared to combustion systems Read more
  • Minimizes or eliminates need for auxiliary fuel
  • Simplifies or eliminates air permitting
  • Operates easily using existing personnel
  • Allows installation in existing buildings because of its very small footprint
  • Reduces construction costs and time with shop fabrication of major components
  • Requires no pressure part construction
  • Sets the new standard for best practice of sludge management



GlassPack®: Compact, Efficient, Clean and Innovative

Minergy’s Closed-Loop GlassPack® System is a combination of two important new concepts. The first innovation is our GlassPack® melter, a very compact and efficient melter. It is designed to accommodate a wide variety of feedstock with varying mineral and organic content. Current installations have proven its very high melting efficiency. The melter is a shop-fabricated unit that can be delivered on a single truck shipment. Depending on local installation costs, the entire process can be highly modularized to minimize field installation costs and construction times. The second GlassPack® innovation is the closed-loop configuration. Its remarkable efficiency and low air emissions are unmatched by any other combustion system. The process uses oxygen-separated air to improve melter temperatures, completely destroy organics and greatly reduce the amount of exhaust gas. Its high temperatures completely melt the inorganic fraction without the need for costly and careful flux addition.