Vitrification Technology Center (Winneconne, Wis.)

Minergy's GlassPack Plan in Winneconne, Wis., U.S.A.Minergy’s Vitrification Technology Center (VTC) in Winneconne, Wis., U.S.A., housed several Minergy vitrification technologies, including the Lower Fox River pilot sediment melter. The VTC was home to Minergy’s GlassPack® Demonstration Unit, a commercial-scale system to fully demonstrate Minergy’s smaller-scale vitrification technology. The unit was built so Minergy could refine its technology solution and prove the technology through processing a wide range of commerical waste streams.

Plant Characteristics

Owner: Minergy Corp.

Location: Winneconne, Wis., U.S.A.

Sludge type: Variable (testing purposes)

Melter: GlassPack® GP12

Heat input: 9 mm Btu/hour

GlassPack® System configuration: Ran in both closed-loop oxygen enhanced or open air fired modes

Sludge capacity: 1 dry ton per hour (equivalent to 22,000 wet tons/year paper sludge or 45,000 wet tons/year municipal biosolids)

Glass aggregate production: Dependent on material being tested

Thermal energy recovery system: None

Oxygen technology: On-site cryogenic liquid storage

Footprint: 4,000 square feet

Operating status: Operational 2000 – 2009