Glass Aggregate Uses

Glass aggregate under microscope

Glass aggregate under microscope - Click for large view

Minergy’s vitrification (melting) technologies recycle sludge, biosolids and contaminated soils into a useful, environmentally friendly product — glass aggregate — that cost-effectively and consistently outperforms quarried aggregates. Proven commercial applications include:

  • Hot mix asphalt
  • Utility trench fill
  • Pozzolan (cement) substitute
  • Construction backfill
  • Roadbed construction
  • Blasting media
  • Roofing shingle granules
  • Ceramic floor tiles

Vitrification Process

Aggregate SealThis unique mineral recovery process melts the mineral content of sludge using a patented process, which creates an inert, environmentally friendly glass product that can be put to beneficial use.

  • High process temperatures destroy organic contaminants in the sludge.
  • Rapid quenching of molten glass in water physically sequesters heavy metals within the glass matrix, resulting in low leaching potential.
  • Glass aggregate handles and stores similar to conventional quarried aggregates.

Sustainable Performance

Minergy’s glass aggregate’s unique composition succeeds in many commercial applications.

  • Grading and high angularity helps build voids in mineral aggregate, producing high-quality, economical hot mix asphalt.
  • Qualifies as “recycled material” in D.O.T. and project specifications.
  • Density, compaction, size distribution and drainage properties are ideal for many structural fill applications.
  • Amber Blast™ blasting abrasive offers advantages over other abrasives. Unlike other abrasives, it contains NO crystalline silica and has a 30 percent higher cutting rate due to sharp, angular grains.
  • Chemical composition and vitreous texture possess latent cementitious properties, which can be used as an active mineral admixture in cement.

Aggregate charts